Cuchara Bingo is a fun night to get out and socialize.

You get to meet many new and interesting people from all over the world. Most who attend are regulars but each year we have visitors from all over! We play many different types of games, most of which are common games. Our prizes are items donated from area businesses that support the Cuchara Recreation Program. Bingo night (usually on Wednesdays) is a night filled with laughter and fun. You don’t want to miss out on this classic Cuchara experience while vacationing during the summer months, so come join us while you’re in town!

Our bingo is done to help keep the Recreation Program running. We have suggested donation amounts for cards, but it is a great way to come out, spend just a little bit of money, socialize and be in the running to win donated prizes from all over the valley! 

Bingo Games

  • Regular Bingo: Straight down, straight across, or diagonally through the free spot
  • Regular Bingo with 4-corners: Regular bingo with the option of one in each of the 4-corners.
  • Double Regular Bingo: 2 regular bingos on the same card.
  • Stand-up Bingo (or Backwards Bingo): In this game you do not want any of your numbers called. The winner is the one that has not had any number called.
  • Center Square Bingo: Covering the numbers touching the free spot.
  • Postage Stamp Bingo: Covering 4 in one corners of the card.
  • B-O Bingo: Filling the “B” and the “O” columns and you must yell “I HAVE BO”
  • T-Bingo: A large letter “T”, across the top and down then “N” column
  • C- Bingo*: A large letter “C”, across the top and the bottom of the card and down “B” column.
  • Blackout: Completely covering your card.
*This is the game where we remember Charlie of Charlies grocery who was a loyal supporter and now his daughter and son-in-law continue to support the Recreation Program and Bingo. The C-Bingo game is also in memory of Reg Farber who kept the Recreation Program going when it was starting to die out.

Area Businesses + Supporters

Please stop by and thank & support the local businesses!
Without them, we wouldn’t be able to give out such wonderful bingo prizes!