About Cuchara

Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Cuchara is located in southern Colorado. It is a hidden gem, with tremendous views of the East and West Spanish Peak, as well as other mountain ranges and rock outcrops. Down the Highway of Legends people fall in love with the crisp, clean air that takes visitors far away from the city life. With just a few gift shops and restaurants, the town is mainly operational during the summer. Throughout the year there is approximately 100 “rounders” that get to call this secluded valley their home. During the summer, especially during the week of the Fourth of July, the town is filled with close to 1,000 visitors.

The Cuchara Valley, and the surrounding area has plenty to offer. From fishing, to hiking and camping, to hunting, visitors will never be bored. For those who love nature, small-town America, clean air, and beautiful mountain views, Cuchara is beckoning.

History of the Cuchara Valley

Cuchara has an interesting history and In these interviews you can get a glimpse of what Cuchara was like in its early years. The folks who were interviewed were generous in their gift of time and knowledge of Cuchara. It comes across how much they love Cuchara and their time living here.

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